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Garden Hose Foam Gun

Most of us who wash their car at home do so by using applying car wash shampoo to the car using a wash mitt or a microfiber cloth. Although it is one of the most common methods used but it does come with its drawbacks. Below are some of the disadvantages that are associated with traditional hand wash:

Time consuming:

It can easily take up to an hour and sometimes even more depending on how thorough job you want to do. You have to mix the soap in the bucket and then rinse your car to get rid of excess dirt. Ideally you should have another bucket of clean water with you as well. Once you have rinsed your car you take the wash mitt and soak it up with the soapy mixture and apply it on your car. Before you can take up more of the soap in the wash mitt, you need to rinse the wash mitt into a bucket of clean water to ensure no trapped dirt in the mitt or cloth can scratch your car. So between soaking the soap in the mitt and rinsing the mitt in the clean water and all the passes on your car, you can spend quite a lot of time.


It can be tiring to go back to your bucket, soak up the soap in the mitt and then apply all over your car. Frequent bending to fill up the soap in the mitt and stretching/ moving around your car to get the best coverage can leave you tired if you are not used to it.

Scratch Risk:

As mentioned before, if you are not careful to ensure you wash mitt is dirt free you can very well be doing more damage to your cars paint. Due to trapped particles in the wash mitts you can scratch the paintwork. They might not become obvious after the first time but over the course of many washes, you will begin to notice those nasty swirl marks.

These are few of the main problems associated with the traditional car wash by hand.

This is why most of the professional car wash places use a foam gun to apply foam to the car’s body. This ensures that there is no chance for the contaminant particles to scratch the car’s paintwork.

Foam guns come in different shapes and forms. But they can be divided into two broad categories. The first category being the one that is high pressure, meaning that you will need a pressure washer to be able to use them. The other category is that of low-pressure foam guns. The low-pressure foam guns will fit into you garden hose.

We will briefly talk about the low-pressure foam guns. This is because for someone who wants to move from hand washing their vehicle to using foam guns, it is probably best to buy a low-pressure foam gun. This is because a low-pressure gun will work with your existing setup and you will not be required to buy a pressure washer. But off-course if you want to get the best possible foam application, then you can’t skip away from buying a high-pressure washer and a compatible foam gun. A low-pressure foam gun, aka “garden hose foam gun”, will offer multiple advantages over a hand wash.

Firstly, you will save a lot of time. Trust me on this one guys, once you start using a foam gun you will not want to go back to hand washing your car purely because of the time you will save in the process. Depending on your washing style, you can easily save anywhere from 20 – 30 minutes on your car wash routine when compared to a hand wash. You are able to save time because you don’t have to run between you car and the bucket. Generally, you just need to fill up the foam bottle once and you are good for one whole wash.

Secondly, you will eliminate the risk of scratching you car. The foam gun applies the soap to your vehicle without you having to touch it. This way you will not be taking any chance with your cars paintwork. The touch-less application of the car soap ensures that there will be not external particles rubbing against your car like in the case of a bucket wash.

The foam gun is worth it just due to these two main reasons alone even though people do find other benefits to using the foam gun.

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