SmilingEngines Foam Gun For Car Wash,With Garden Hose Quick Connect For Easy Leak Free Connection!

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Premium Quality Foam Gun For Car Wash. This Foam Gun Has 900 ml Bottle To Mix Your Soap Into Which Is More Than Enough To Last One Medium Sized SUV Wash. There Is An Adjustable Dial To Vary The Ratio of Foam To Ensure You Don’t Spray Too Much Foam Too Quickly. Has A Soap Mixture Level Guide And Comes With a¬†Quick Connect Attachment. The Gun Comes Packed In a Nice Black Box and Ready To Be Used Immediately.


  • NO PRESSURE WASHER REQUIRED – If you have ever wanted to give your car a wash without the hassle of buying a pressure washer or having to go through time consuming setup of one at home, then our product is perfect for you. You do not need a pressure washer or a bulky setup that goes with it. Just connect it to your garden hose and voila, you are ready to give your car the best foam wash ever at home.
  • SAVES SETUP AND WASH TIME – We have all put off washing the car at one time or another because we are pressed for time or we just can’t spare the time need to hand wash the vehicle. This product will make it faster for you to soap and foam your car. It saves time due to its quick setup, quick foaming ability and the design allows you a quicker rinse afterwards. You will love this product if you want to save 20-30 minutes from your car wash routine.
  • FUN AND EASY – Washing a car can be boring and don’t let that be the reason you put it off. Our product will put the fun right back into the car wash with the foam flying out of the nozzle covering your vehicle like snow. What’s more? It is super easy to use for all the guys and girls without any chemicals. Just put the soap and enjoy the ease of use.
  • CAN BE USED ANYWHERE – You have come to the right product if you ever thought that you need to take your car to a proper car wash for amazing results. With this product you just need a tap and a garden hose. We have provided an adapter as well for those who need it. Just connect your garden hose to the foam gun and you are on your way to a clean and shiny car.
  • LIFETIME GUARENTEE – We don’t want you to worry if this product is right for you. Just buy it and if car wash is not fun or you don’t save time, we will give you your money back immediately for the life time of the product. Additionally we offer 1 year warranty on parts.


Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9.3 x 5.5 x 5.3 in


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